Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like the Blues…

The Blues. Soul Music. While blues lyrics often deal with personal adversity, the music itself goes far beyond self-pity. The blues is also about overcoming hard luck, saying what you feel, ridding yourself of frustration, letting your hair down, and simply having fun. The advent of DC Blue, New England’s favorite groove-and-improv oriented blues band, initiated from a mutual respect for the traditions and improvisations of America’s most original and influential genres of popular music, the Blues. The members of this exciting new band are all steeped in the rich customs and practices of the repertoire, from the field hollers, work songs, spirituals, and country string ballads of the deep south through the electrified blues and boogie that evolved through the migration of southern musicians to Chicago, New Orleans, Memphis, Mississippi, Detroit, and particularly into the state of Texas.

Electrified and exciting, the backbone of DC Blue is comprised of guitar/vocals, bass/vocals, drums, and are often joined by the area’s finest artisans on Hammond organ, various horns, vocals, etc. Groove is king with this band, as they pay homage to the greatest Texas blues stars, British blues virtuosos, and time-honored Chicago and Mississippi blues phenoms, along with creating original grooves and arrangements of classic folk blues as well as like-minded originals.

The blues is one of America’s greatest musical treasures. DC Blue knows it, lives it. How about you?